An Optimal Combination of Invasive Ventilator and anaesthesia machine

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Comen AX400 Anesthesia Machine

 Product Details:
Brand:Comen Medical

Category:OT, Treatment

Positioning:Portable, Compact, Trolley
Application:Operation Use, ICU Use
Type:Digital, Manual
Model:Comen AX400
Features:Patient Monitoring Devices
LCD Display:Yes
Automation Grade:Automatic
Usage:Hospital, Clinic, Personal

Specifications :

  • High resolution 8.4” Touch Color Display.
  • Inbuilt Ventilator 
  • Tidal Volume 15ml -1500ml
  • Two gas Machine with O2,N2O and Optional Medical Air
  • Ventilator parameters Monitoring TV, MV,FiO2,I:E, Ppeak,Pmean,Pplat, Freq
  • Circle Absorber with Co2 Absorption Canister Aprox.1500ml
  • 4-100 BPM
  • I:E 4:1-1:10
  • Alarm Settings TV, MV, Fio2,Ppeak , Alarm Mute
  • Oxygen Sensor with Fio2 monitoring
  • O2 and N2O Emergency Cylinder Yoke.
  • ACGO – Auxiliary common gas Outlet.
  • Airway Pressure gauge.
  • APL Valve - 1to75cmH2O



Compact and integrated design; Closed and semi-closed system

PSU plastic circuit, corrosion resistance, long service life and fully autoclavable at 134°C

Built-in heater and the medium copper plate eliminate the condensation of the internal water vapor effectively

CO2 bypass facilitates soda lime exchange during operating without any care about leakage

Breathing mechanics monitor: Pressure wave form, flow rate waveform, capacity waveform, CO2 wave form, 3 kinds of waveforms can be displayed on one screen simultaneously.

One-hand installation and dismount of soda lime canister

Compared with double-hand, one-hand operation keeps doctors further away from the canister waste


High Technology

High quality ventilation platform suitable for patients from pediatric to geriatric,

High to low acuity, simple to complex cases all adapt. COMEN anesthesia Systems offer you the choices you need in ventilation, monitoring and technique.

Touch control screen design, simple user interface for fast operation

Speed startup, self check,automatic leakage test, CO2 by-pass, provide you more Perfect workflow and distinctive clinical operation experience From appearance design, high temperature sterilization,

COMEN anesthesia machine provides state-of-the-art therapy solution

1500ml ascending bellows, one bellows and one circuit for all patients

Integrated breathing circuit system, built-in flow sensors

Anesthetic gas and CO2 measurement optional,modular design

Rail at each side and the top shelf feature good Patient monitoring and other equipments installation


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