A New Rapid Test Kit came out

A new member joined 2019-nCoV rapid test kits on February 17.  The IgG/IgM Rapid Test Cassette was verified to meet the technical specifications. It has become one of the first batch of 2019-nCoV rapid test kits that have passed the verification by the certified iinspection agencies.

The test kit can detect serum or fingertip blood samples without the help of special pre-treatment equipment. It would enable faster detection of 2019-nCoV in samples taken from patients. Even non-professionals can conduct the test under simple guidance. The kit can give a result through the test of just 10 microliters of serum or 20 microliters of whole blood collected from the patient. The result can be delivered with an average of 10 minutes.

According to the research team, the test kit can be used for tests at community-level medical and health institutions, transportation hubs (airports, stations, expressway entrances & exits), as well as for enterprises, schools and households.